2.23.21- Cal South Announcement

Posted by Central Coast Dynasty FC on Feb 23 2021 at 04:19PM PST

Cal South is very pleased to note the California Department of Public Health’s release of the subject guidance regarding outdoor and indoor youth and adult sports. This represents an important step forward for our community in incrementally allowing return to competition. We emphasize that Cal South is committed to creating and maintaining a safe playing environment. Adherence to the Cal South Return-to-Play Guidelines requires a cooperative relationship between leagues/clubs, coaches, team officials and administrators, players (including parents/guardians), and referees to ensure the safety of all.

Cal South’s Return-to-Play policies and protocols are based on compliance with Federal, State, County and Municipal ordinances. The State’s updated guidelines are effective 26 February 2021 and allow progression to advanced levels of participation based on the degree of contact. Soccer is identified as a moderate tier (Orange) sport meaning a sport that can be played with incidental or intermittent close contact between participants. Allowable tiered sports are permitted by county based on the adjusted case rate per 100,000 residents. Outdoor high-contact sports (orange tier) can be played in the purple or red tier with an adjusted case rate equal to or less than 14 per 100,000 under given conditions which includes testing of participants (age dependent).
Please note that the California State Guideline includes a number of requirements including face covering for all while not participating, maintenance of distance by non-household observers, restriction of shared use of personal items and equipment, restriction of indoor activities and prohibition of participation in out-of-state games and tournaments. Second, Inter-Team competition and tournaments are permitted only if (a) both teams are located in the same county and the sport is authorized; or (b) teams are located in immediately bordering counties and the sport is authorized in both counties. Finally, no tournaments or events that involve more than two teams to occur.

Cal South is reviewing and will update our policies and protocols to align with the State’s guidelines. Please review the State Guideline carefully to ensure compliance. Moreover, check with your local County Department of Public Health for updated Public Health Orders which reflect the guidelines. Finally, follow the specific rules for your locally permitted facilities.