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Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club

The Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is a competitive club soccer program based out of San Luis Obispo County that strives to create an atmosphere which is safe, fun, and family oriented that is supported by our professional instruction ,coaching, and mentoring, that fosters a love for the game of soccer. Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club was formed in 2016 under the leadership of the club’s Director of Coaching, Miguel Figueroa who has over seventy years of soccer playing and coaching experience. The Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is one that is based upon teaching and reinforcing the fundamentals of the game, while instilling the qualities of hard work, dedication, desire, teamwork and mentoring in a way that helps foster a lifelong appreciation for the sport. Additionally, the Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club believes that through soccer and competition in general, one can achieve their hopes, goals, and dreams through the competitive process and learn a number of life lessons that are not only applicable on the field of play and in competition, but also is the rigors of daily life as well.

The Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is comprised of boys and girls teams that range in age from elementary school age children up to high school and college aged players. Additionally, the club trains and develops players of varying skill levels and abilities. Despite the varied age and skill ranges, the focus of developing solid soccer players with both a technical and tactical knowledge of the game is the goal of the Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club with the emphasis being on fundamental skill building and reinforcement no matter the age or background of the player. The leadership and coaching staff of the Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is committed to establishing and cultivating relationships with the players of the club, going beyond the typical coach/player relationship, but instead focusing on forming bonds that transcend the soccer field, providing a support system that can last far beyond a soccer season.

Beyond the fact that the Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is committed to developing soccer players that are fundamentally sound and tactically knowledgeable, the club is committed to the tenet that the club and the game should be about the children and the players playing the game. The focus of the Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club truly is the children, and the day to day operation of the club, decisions that are made are all made while considering the best interests of the players involved in the club’s program. In this way, the Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club strives to develop not only a complete soccer player, but a complete person as well, long term and short term.

The Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is devoted to developing players with the belief anything is possible when one works hard, puts in the effort, and is willing to play a role in a team effort. The Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club is committed to the sport of soccer, and the young athletes and their families within the club, as well as the community at large and strives to spread the joy of the game of soccer everywhere it can.

Central Coast Dynasty Futbol Club – Mailing Address: PO Box 90, Atascadero Ca. 93423


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Patricia Ramirez

Vice President

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Miguel Figeuroa

Director of Coaching

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JT Camp

Director of Fields

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Director of Fundraising


Shannon Yarborough



Barney Schwartz

San Gabriel Elementary School

Miguel's Field of Dreams

Private Entrance and Field- Drive Slow on Entry and Exit.

Adys Field

Railroad Crossing at Gate Entrance- USE CAUTION Entering and Exiting Location